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Monday, June 27, 2016

Sterling Blythe Sings

Love For Gold
Sterling Blythe Sings
Crown CST 203

Cover photo: Joseph Tauber
Cover Designer: Hobco Arts
Recorded in Hollywood, Calif.

From the back cover: Sterling Blythe is a man of many talents

He is a movie actor. He has been featured in "Battle Hymn," "Navy Blue," "Battle of the Bottle," "Walk the Proud Land," and 18 Gene Autry flicks.

Over the TV tube, his starring-stints were with Gary Moore and Red Foley.

His country comes first. He interrupted a flourishing career to serve in the United States Navy from 1941 to 1945.

He is a fast-draw artist.

He is considered one of the top pros in the country and western songwriting field. Eddie Arnold and Red Foley are his biggest boosters. Some of their hottest-hits were penned by Blythe.

He is arranger, orchestrator, conductor, and m.c.

In the glittering, gaudy show capitol of the world – Las Vegas – his name is as familiar as "7-come-11." The fabulous voice of Sterling Blythe has been knockin' them in the aisles at the "Fabulous Showboat" for years. – John Marlo

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