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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Flirtation Walk - Walter Schumann

Small Hotel
Flirtation Walk
The Voices Of Walter Schumann
RCA Victor LPM 1202

From Billboard - March 24, 1956: Here's one of the most stylish vocal sets to come on the package scene. The Schumann voices have turned out good things aplenty before this and the current offering is right up to par. Here's the story of courtship "Flirtation Walk" thru the honeymoon "Small Hotel" and down life's highway "Love Old Sweet Song" with the wonderful blend of the 32-voice mixed chorus and some fresh and exciting work sounds showcased. An attractive cover will help move copies as will the numerous jockey plays that are bound to result.

From the back cover: Walter Schumann, who, as you can well imagine, is a very nifty guy, slipped into the music business through a side door. While working his way through the University of Southern California Law School, he organized a dance band. He first entered choral work when a small radio station couldn't afford to pay the musicians scale, and so the band sang. Organized in 1948, while Walt was working as musical director at RKO Pictures, The Voices were a professional group singing at first for pleasure. In their years under Schumann's expert leadership, The Voices have achieved a versatility and a blend that are remarkable. What's more, theirs is an individual style and a marvelous warmth.

Flirtation Walk
My Buddy
Small Hotel
Paddlin' Madelin' Home
I'll Remember
I Only Have Eyes For You
Let Me Hear You Whisper
It's Dark On Observatory Hill
One Night Of Love
Love's Old Sweet Song
The Goodnight Waltz

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  1. Do you have the rest of this album uploaded? This was the music my parents listened to during their courtship. My parents had the album. My Dad wanted it digitized, but I did not have technology to do this. He passed away 3 years ago, but I would love to get this for my mom.


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