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Monday, October 5, 2015

On A Caribbean Cruise - Jimmie Thurston

Johnny Cake (vocal by Lord Rad)
On A Caribbean Cruise
Jimmie Thurston And His Orchestra
Featuring George Moxey At The Piano
From The Fort Montague Coral Room
Actually Recorded In Nassau, Bahamas
Decca Records DL 8601

From Billboard - October 7, 1957: This is a potpourri of society-tinged dance music and calypso material by a group well known in Bahama circles. Tho there is a great deal of calypso on the market to fill a lessened demand, this can still achieve some action due to its inclusion in the label's current "Around The World," multi-album promotion. As part of this group, it will receive extra display and promotion which can bring at least limited action.

Oh, The Underground Train
Conch Ain't Got No Bones
That Glamour Girl
Ron-Con-Cay Banana
Oye Nigra/Nague
Why, Uncle Joe
Governor Gate
Pretty Boy
Johnny Cake
Push! Push!
Old Fowl

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