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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Power Of Brass - Al Caiola

The Morning After
The Power Of Brass
Al Caiola
Arrangements by Al Caiola with exception of Mac Arthur Park which was arranged by Ronald Frangipane
Produced by Leroy Holmes
Coordinator: Ray Barbarino
Crossway Airport Inn
United Artists
UAS 6666

From the back cover: The club is called the Crossway Airport Inn. A 10-piece band (all University of Miami music students) plays there. Word has gotten around that they are good – very good. It has gotten around to Al Caiola, infectious guitarist, down from New York on a vacation in Florida. Al visits. He sits. He listens. He smiles. He signs the group to record with him. And that group is on it's way. – Mort Goode


Wallace E. McMurray, Jr. – Trumpet
Doug Smith – Trumpet and Fleugelhorn
George Doukas – Trumpet and Fleugelhorn
Ed Bevil – Bass Trombone
Val Houston – Tenor Trombone
Mark Bruce Hurwitz – Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute and Oboe
Steve Wittmack – Piano
Kenneth D. Conklyn – Bass
Tony Vino – Guitar
Richard Docen – Drums

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