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Friday, May 2, 2014

They Said It Couldn't Be Done! - But They Didn't Reckon With The Mighty Accordion Band

Jungle Fever
They Said It Couldn't Be Done!
But They Didn't Reckon With The Mighty Accordion Band
Capitol Records T1212

From the back cover: Eldorado accordions, custom built by La Tosca and distributed in this country by the Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company, were used in this recording. (The Eldorado was also used for the cover and the pictures shown here).

About the cover: Pictured in his Empire drawing room is Mr. Joseph Kong-Young, composer of "Concerto Untouched by Human Hands" (a Thinking Ape's Music), and advocate of Sound at its Most Simian. If you suspect trickery you are correct: Joseph is not really a gorilla; if he were to take off that phony gorilla suit, you'd see he's actually a very large gibbon. Among his other suites, Mr. Kong-Young is Vice President in charge of Turnover. Accordingly, he thanks you for turning this album over to find out what it was they said Couldn't Be Done.

Also for the back cover: Jungle Fever. This one opens with the harp, joined by the scratch-scratch of a guiro, and then by sections of accordions, which enter one at a time. Drums explode, and accordions start blazing. Towards the end, through, the fever subsides.

The Syncopated Clock
April In Paris
The Donkey Serenade
Swanee Cha River Cha
Boogie Woogie
La Vie En Rose
Jungle Fever
Beer Barrel Polka

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  1. Mark: Dominic Frontiere is credited as the mad genius behind this project. He became a top film soundtrack composer, his "Hang 'Em High" theme being one of the best Spaghetti Western themes. NC


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