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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Music For Tired Lovers - Woody Herman - Erroll Garner

As Time Goes By
Music For Tired Lovers
Love Songs Sung by Woody Herman with Erroll Garner at the Piano
Accompanied by Wyatt Ruther, bass and Fats Heard, drums
Columbia Records CL 651

From the back cover: Woody's reaction to these sides is a follows; "In the past, when I've tried to sing in an intimate vein with a band, I often sounded too raucous, like I had a drank in my hand – it came out too boozy; I didn't quite make it."

"Here, we got feeling… musically Erroll and I really feel each other; we both played in our own groove, too, but it jelled."

"On most vocals, everybody's trying so hard… At one time or another. I've attempted to sing under all conditions. This to me, is the most advantageous result I've ever had.

If I Could Be With You
I'm Beginning To See The Light
As Time Goes By
After You've Gone
I'll See You In My Dreams
My Melancholy Baby
I Hadn't Anyone Till You
Let's Fall In Love
I Don't Know Why
You've Got Me Crying Again

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