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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Soulful - The Night Strings

Blue Stoned Eyes
Instrumental Love Machine
The Night Strings
Featuring Homer Dennison (Arranger)
Producer: Robert Byrne
Evolution 2011 Stereo

From the back cover: Soulful… Voluptuous… Passionate… Hot… Cool… That's the sound of The Night Strings – The instrumental love machine. It vibrates with the feel of today's songs… today's musical excitement. It rocks to the right beat. It cries out in soulful warmth… and sexy splendor. It's hot… and it's cool… because today, that's where it's at! The instrumental love machine has many voices… The rhythm and it's driving beat. The electric sounds that pulse and rock. The soft… inviting… whispers. And above all… The Night Strings sing their songs of love. The Instrumental Love Machine. It's Love Music… It's Music To Love

God Bless The Child
Black Sand And White Stars
The Road To The Blues
On Days Like These
A Time For Us
Oh Happy Day
Blue Stoned Eyes

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