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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Peter Gunn - Soundstage All-Stars

Blue Steel
More Peter Gunn
Music composed by Henry Mancini
Arrangements by Pete Candoli
The Soundstage All-Stars
Dot DLP 3204

The back cover copy, for the most part, is a brief Mancini history. Arranger Pete Candoli gets a passing mention.

Also front the back cover: So here it is – a jazz arranger and a studio full of jazz musicians. The result? Well, let's just skip the hyperbole bit and play it cool. A la Peter Gunn. Let's just call it an interesting jazz experience. Gasser type.

Session personel: Ted Nash & Ronald Langinger - alternating on alto sax and alto flute, Conte Candoli - trumpet, Frank Rosolino, Dick Nash & Milton Berhart - alternating on trombone, Jimmy Rowles & Russ Freeman - alternating on piano, Keith "Red" Mitchell - bass, Bob Hoewe & Vincent Terri - alternating on guitar, Alvin Stoller & Frank Capp - alternating on drums.

The Little Man Theme
Walkin' Bass
A Quiet Gass
Goofin' At The Coffee House
Blue Steel
Blues For Mother's
Odd Ball
My Manne Shelly

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  1. "Soundstage All Stars"...Nice find here...I'll have to keep an eye out for this album now. There are so many sessions like this, quickie albums done for some niche in the marketplace but full of first-rate West Coast jazz players: Frank Rosolino, Conte Condoli, Jimmy Rowles, Russ Freeman, Red Mitchell, Frank Capp...WOW, what a lineup. These guys could play ANYTHING and make it swing. Many thanks for sharing this! :-)


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