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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guitar Soul

It's Alvin Again
Guitar Soul
Kenny Burrell, Bill Jennings & Tiny Grimes
Status Records 8318

Nice jacket art. Status attempts to explain, in the long winded jacket notes, that the album's uneven mix of approaches is an interpretation of the last 30 years of jazz:  The three featured guitarists on this record represent the different ages and directions in jazz and span a thirty year period (and Barry Galbraith makes a fourth for bridge).

Group A
Kenny Burrell - guitar, Barry Galbraith - guitar, Leonard Gaskin - bass and Bobby Donaldson - drums
Group B
Bill Jennings - guitar, Jack McDuff - Organ, Wendell Marshall - bass and Bobby Donaldson - drums
Group C
Tiny Grimes - guitar, Eddie Davis - tenor sax, J. C. Higginbotham - trombone, Ray Bryant - piano, Wendell Marshall - bass and Osie Johnson - drums.

From the back cover: The final track on side A features the "soul-filled" conceptions of Bill Jennings as he plays the theme of organist and sideman (here) Jack McDuff.

Billie's Bounce (A)
Prelude To A Kiss (A)
It Don't Mean A Thing (A)
It's Alvin Again (B)
Lost Weekend (C)
Dood I Did (C)

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