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Monday, March 31, 2014

Intermezzo - Dick Kesner

Ol' Devil Moon
Dick Kesner
His Stradivarius Violin With Orchestra
Brunswick Records
BL 754054

From the back cover: Millions of television fans will attest to the magic of Dick Kesner's Stradivarius violin. Each week they listen and watch, as though mesmerized, while Dick weaves his musical spell, his bow moving like a sorcerer's wand. The same magic quality has made him a top concert attraction all over the country, holding audiences enthralled in every city.
The television show endued to in the copy above was the Lawrence Welk Show.

The jacket, features an interesting early television or facsimile with an inset image from another Kesner album cover. His violin is nicely blended on this LP with "mood" orchestral arrangements. The vibe is just "pop" enough to keep Atomic Attic listeners engaged.

Kesner made a good number of albums, apparently, in a very short time while either working for Welk or just after he left the show in 1959. One of my favorite Kesner albums is titled Amor Latino, dated 1962, the same year Kesner died of a heart attack while he was driving his car in Reseda, California. He passed on at the very young age of 49.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
All The Things You Are
Ol' Devil Moon
Danny Boy
I Surrender Dear
Night And Day
Someone To Watch Over Me
Uncertain Love

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  1. My aunt had two Kesner albums and this was one of them. I never bothered to borrow it from her like I did most of her newer albums so I've heard it!


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