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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Dancing Sound - Les Elgart

Melancholy Serenade
The Dancing Sound
Les Elgart And His Orchestra
Columbia Records CL 684

Lush big band arrangements spiced with a "late night dancehall mood vibe". With a deep, full sound made possible by a great engineering.

From the back cover: In Elgart's own words, the bias of the orchestra is described: "We didn't want a pounding sound. We want it to flow and be good to dance to and play with. Furthermore, this is largely an ensemble band, which is why it's able to work the class spots and appeal to both college kids and the older groups. We give them the melody, but within a good musical context." And that is what is heard on this collection: melody, but with solid musical ideas about sound and texture surrounding it.

Alice Blue Gown
Seems Like Old Times
Makin' Whoopee
Melancholy Serenade
Gimme A Little Kiss
Les' Tango!
Ain't We Got Fun
Senior Hop
I Hadn't Anyone Till You
Love Is Just Around The Corner
Girl Of My Dreams

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