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Friday, February 28, 2014

Canadian Sunset - Eddie Heywood

Blues In A Happy Mood
Canadian Sunset
Eddie Heywood
RCA Victor LPM-1529

From the back cover: Success as a composer marks the third time that Eddie Heywood has hit the jackpot. He first gained renown in the early 1940s as the leader of a witty, stylized and stunningly rhythmic little band. He was riding the crest with his band in 1947 when he was hit by as hard a blow as a pianist can face – partial paralysis of his hands.

After four years of retirement, he was able to resume playing and made a new career for himself as a soloist, climaxed by Canadian Sunset which was his biggest hit since his recording of Begin The Beguine started him on the road to fame in 1944.

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I'm Saving Myself For You
Subway Serenade
Rendezvous For Two
Blues In A Happy Mood
Heywood's Beguine
Canadian Sunset
All About You
Now You're Mine
Dearest Darling
Time To Go Home

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