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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don McNeill Presents March Around The Breakfast Table - Eddie Ballantine

The Camels Are Coming
Don McNeill Presents March Around The Breakfast Table
Eddie Ballantine And His Band
Coral Stereo CRL 757291
Cover photo by Jerry Tiffany
Floors and Walls by Congoleum-Nairn

From the back cover: Paul Whiteman proved that he was a good judge of talent when he recommended Eddie Ballantine as a radio network staff musician back in 1931, for Eddie has been sending music out over the air waves ever since. When Breakfast Club was born on June 23, 1933, Eddie Ballantine was playing trumpet in our band of which he is now the director. I guess that 26 years of close daily association gives me the right to speak my piece about this fine musician who is also a mighty fine guy. Many thousands more are still growing up marching around the breakfast table to the music of Eddie Ballantine's Band. If, as the old saying goes, everyone loves a band, then the ones who listened to Ballantine's Band are mighty lucky because we think it's the best. I hope this wonderful album of marches will find a spot in your heart as warm and tender as our is for Ballantine and the music he delivers.

March Around The Breakfast Table
March Of The Sugar Plummers
Toreador March
Parade Of The Silver Trumpets
Santa Claus Parade
Make American Proud Of You
Look Ma, They're Coming Down The Street
Star Of Alaska
Reveille Blues March
The Camels Are Coming
Hip Hip
Big Ben

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