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Monday, February 24, 2014

Pre-School Sing And Dance Volume Four

Injun Joe
Pre-School Sing And Dance Volume Four
Words And Music By Les Williams
Q.T. Records Q.T.L.P 516

From the back cover: Les Williams: A most versatile dancer and teacher has devoted a lifetime to dance. Interrupted only when he served Uncle Sam in World War Two as a bombardier. Les lectures in numerous colleges throughout the United States on American Dance. He has toured the country from coast to coast with Dance Caravan and has operated his own very successful dance studio in California for many years.

The Big Hello
Goin' To The Seashore
Banjo Bill
If A Rabbit Could Talk
Broomstick Buckaroo
Injun Joe
Popcorn Polka
Watch Me Spell
Circus In The Sky
WOW-EE, Look At Me
It's My Turn Now
I Get Fidgety Feet
Paulette My Poodle
Music Tickles My Toes

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