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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jun'gala - Marty Wilson

Marty Wilson And His Orchestra
Produced by Bob Prince
Cover photo by Bob Wiloughby
Warner Bros. B1326

From Billboard, September 14, 1959: Jungle mood music with interesting instrumental treatments. Marty Wilson is arranger, conductor, composer and artist on this disk. His talent as a flutist is noteworthy on several of the numbers. Highlights are "Taboo," "Harlem Nocturne," "Misty Poo," "Babalu." and particularly "Manteca." Reed, brass and string harmonics added to the flute solos provide for clever and exciting arrangements. Stereo sound enhances entire program.

At the bottom of the back cover, Warner Bros. promotes several albums from competitors, to include African Jazz by Les Baxter - Capitol, Exciting Sounds from Romantic Places by Leo Diamond - ABC Paramount and Hypnotique by Martin Denny - Liberty.

This is one of those albums that holds together from the cover art through each tracks to create a special space age journey for the consumer. Just short of a concept album, this LP is strong competitor to other "exotica" output of the time.


  1. Not bad... but it's supposed to sound like this:



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