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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Heart And Should - Alan Dean - Robert Maxwell

Baltimore Oriole
Heart And Soul
The Music Of Hoagy Carmichael
Sung By Alan Dean
Robert Maxwell
His Harp And His Orchestra
MGM Records E3461

From Billboard - February 23, 1957: British singer makes a pleasant album debut with this collection of Carmichael faves. There are some fine backing arrangements by Maxwell's harp and ork which add up to much more than an assist. In fact, to this ear, the billing could be reversed. However, the combined results is easy listening and the singer's following will likely go for it heartily.

Here's an interesting and obscure album. Billboard pretty much nails the review. Maxwell was an innovative harpist. Check out Maxwell's Jungle Twist from The Fortune Tellers.

On the sample above Dean softens his late 50s lounge vocal approach which allows Maxwell to step forward and better support him. This particular blending creates the most engaging track on the LP.


  1. Golly, you have the most incredible records.
    I love Robert Maxwell!
    Another that I never heard of.
    You make record searching alive again.
    I'd love to find so many records in your collection.
    Thanks again!

    Your Pal,



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