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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Shearing Caravan

Drum Trouble
A Shearing Caravan
The George Shearing Quintet
MGM Records E3175

From Billboard - August 13, 1955: Shearing, who too often falls into a state of dull intoxication with his own sound, is represented here by an interesting variety of performances collected from previously issued single disks. The collection should do much better on the counters than did the singles, and this should do better than some of the previous Shearing LPs by virtue of its more myriad aspect. It's interesting and refreshing to hear Shearing occasionally break out with some swingin' accordion passages.

"Dull intoxication?" Ouch, sounds like someone at Billboard had a beef with Shearing.

Had I not known that this collection was assembled from singles, I would have guessed that the tunes were recorded for this LP because the tracks play off one another well and fit the package "theme" nicely.

I like the intoxication of the Shearing "sound", but I must admit this is one of my favorite Shearing "finds". The album also seems well positioned to compete with early emerging "exotic" music trends.

Caravan - Parts 1 and 2
Easy To Love
Drum Trouble
I've Never Been In Love Before
Mood For Milt
The Lady Is A Tramp
Cool Mambo
Love Is Here To Stay
Tempo De Cencerro - Parts 1 and 2

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