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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sensational Stereo Spectacular Demonstration Album

Sensational Stereo Spectacular Demonstration Album
Tops/Mayfair 9000S

Here we have, what must have been, an album designed for folks who just bought a new fangled stereo counsel player and were kept wake at night filled with worry that they might not have the L/R balanced knobs set perfectly.

The triangle shape on the cover, top right, is a die-cut... which allowed the "golden vinyl" to peak out (I think). Tops ad copy on the cover mentions the "Pure Golden Vinyl" as if the color of the disc made for better sound. This is why I covet translucent red vinyl... because they sound best (although I understand some folks think blue vinyl sounds better)!

Overall, a pretty lame LP featuring almost mono sounding dull music. But I do love the pure golden vinyl!

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