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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Pleasures Of Love

The Pleasures Of Love
Life Workshop
Ulysses Music Group Corp.

This has to be the best "sex instruction" record I've found to date. The package is elaborate and was expensive to produce as a 2 record gatefold affair. The record also came with a booklet that features a collection of soft and somewhat dark R-rated porn images that includes a photo of the guy inspecting the woman, up close... with a flashlight. I kid you not... The image is a little too racy for posting on this blog.

These recordings have their moments but I had an orgasm myself when I realized that the record included an actual song about "The Pleasures Of Love" that sounds as if it was created for a 70s spy movie soundtrack.

The spoken passages are also fun because they are, as you can tell from the sample, written for 70s soft core female sensibilities.

Enjoy a spoken passage sample followed by the song.

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