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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exotic Moog - Martin Denny

Enchanted Sea
Exotic Moog
Martin Denny
Liberty Records LST-7621

I finally picked up a copy of this harder to find Denny LP. I expected this set to be an extension of his later "jazz/lounge" approach. The track Was It Really Love is somewhat more like what I expected (his later sound). All the tracks, to my ear, work together although the album doesn't conform to any one "mood". There are funky, spacey and even "light-pop" moments to be enjoyed on the LP.

Quite Village
I Talk To The Trees
Yellow Bird
The Enchanted Sea
Let Go
Midnight Cowboy
Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Let It Be Me
A Taste Of Honey
Was It Really Love
Love Me Tonight

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