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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kiss Of Fire - de los Rios

The Exotic Sound of (Waldo) de los Rios
Kiss Of Fire
Columbia CL 965

The tracks from this LP are available as MP3 download at the usual online stores. But, as is often the case, you don't get the original terrific cover art. I have no idea why this is so common.

De los Rios was an Argentine composer, conductor and arranger who moved to the USA in 1958. The returns I'm getting on this album date it at 1957. This album doesn't appear on his wiki page discography.

He apparently moved to Spain in 1962 and committed suicide in 1977, a victim of acute depression.

This is a terrific "latin/exotica" album. The album begins with a few easy listening tunes that feature some "exotic" flourishes. The fourth track, a medley titled India; Pajaro Campana really goes exotica featuring almost experimental use of percussion and screeching strings. Side one finishes up with an easy listening tune that favors light pop that would soon be very trendy.

Side two kicks off with a tune that is more space age than anything and reminds me of Ferrante & Teicher's early experimental piano work. Just when you think the record will go back to easy listening de los Rios throws in some interesting sound or surprise instrument to perk your interest.

This recording is so fresh and cool. I just don't know if buying MP3s is the way to go over vinyl. The album is a bit like a journey through a musical landscape. I believe de los Rios created the recording to be listened from start to finish to get the full effect.

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  1. FABULOUS score! Love that cover! I have some de los Rios but not this one! NICE!


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