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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Versatile Henry Mancini

The Versatile Henry Mancini And His Orchestra
Liberty LST-7121

My favorite label strikes again with another excellent exotica period album by Henry Mancini. This is the first album that appears on his wikipedia discography.

Mancini was best known for scoring The Pink Panther and for the Peter Gunn Theme among others. But, for my money, this recording will always be my favorite Mancini.


  1. Absolutely love this album.

    It was originally called Driftwood and Dreams, and was recorded in mono. This is a stereo re-release of that album. The soprano who sings on here is the same one who sang on the orginal Star Trek theme song. You can buy a CD of The Versatile Henry Mancini from Amazon that includes the mono and stereo versions.


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