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Friday, February 23, 2024

The Incomparable Hildegarde


Cheek To Cheek

The Incomparable Hildegarde
Hildegarde Sings
Design Records DLP 77

From the back cover: Session Notes -  The unique piano effect and styling is the result of an interesting experiment in sound symmetry. The placement of twin Steinway pianos in ideal acoustical position with the balance in sound added by the center piano gives you the effect you feel of "Absolute Presence"... You are there!

The piano stylists are Cornel Tanassy and Salvatore Gioe (alternating with Joseph Berlingeri at the twin Steinways, with the feature piano played by "The Incomparable Hildegarde.") – Ralph Stein, Producer

Also from the back cover: Recordings made by the "incomparable" Hildegarde over the past two decades have all become collectors' items. This has happened because in her lifetime she has become a legend in Europe as well as the United States. During this period the lovely chanteuse, who came out of Milwaukee to astonish the world of entertainment Paris, has recorded twenty albums. These all have one thing in common, a lasting quality.

Hildegarde, herself, has the internally durable quality in her songs and the personal appearances which have taken her to all parts of the world before royalty, thousands of service men, theatre audiences, and the world of supper clubs, where she began her fabled entertainment career. Perhaps more than any other feminine star, Hildegarde has entranced audiences in nearly every entertainment media – television, radio, theatre, supper clubs, cafes, the concert world and even the symphonic stage. Her acclaim has been international.

Her return this season to the Persian Room of New York's elegant Plaza – where she starred 12 consecutive years twice a year – is typical of the everlasting enchantment of Hildegarde and her magical hold on an audience. She is dramatic, she is sentimental, she is gay. And the beauty, and romance and charm of Hildegarde is timeless.

Controversy has bubbled around Hildegarde all of her years of show business, because she makes rules of her own. She is currently preparing to star in a musical movie called "Romance Oil", to be filmed in many of the world's oil centers from Oklahoma to the Near East. In television, an hour-long show starring Hidegarde as actress, singer and hostess is being prepared and will be filmed in many of the world's romantic capitals. She is also preparing another one woman show, a 2 1/2 hour presentation with Hildegarde and a symphonic orchestra which will tour, just as she has done in recent years, through the United States and Europe. In the offing also is a Broadway musical built around her versatile personality, which won plaudits when she appeared in the leading role of "Can Can" the last few summers.

In her lifetime, no entertainer has challenged the remarkable showmanship of Hildegarde as a singer of ballads. She transports an audience to an island of romance, but her amazing showmanship was developed through all avenues of theatre. Born in a Wisconsin village, she grew up in Milwaukee with the desire to be a concert pianist. In vaudeville she learned the elements of dramatic showmanship. Fabulous Gus Edwards discovered her, urged her to use only her first name, and awarded her stardom. Her first European appearance was in London's Cafe de Paris, but it was across the chanel in Paris where Hildegarde made her mark with her first international audiences. Her appearance before the royal families of Europe are already legend. Retiring to the Untied States, she was greeted as the "incomparable" Hildegarde, became a national radio star with the Raleigh Room and was given number one billing in the nation's leading supper clubs coast to coast. She toured theaters with her own show, starred in concert performances with symphonic orchestras in the United States and many countries of Europe. Paris, where she had made her beginnings in the unknown boîtes, welcomed her with a guard of honor.

Hildegarde's fantastic career rises even higher. Millions know the Milwaukee chanteuse for her fabulous clothes – which constantly have brought her honors as one for he world's best-dressed women –, for her roses, her hankies, her long black gloves, her upswept coif, her joie de vivre, her infectious gaiety and sadness.

She is timeless – and matchless. Now, listen to her new bewitching entries in the saga of Hildegarde. – A. E.

From Billboard - October 20, 1958: An attractive cover sets off this package of sides by the chantress. Her style is still the same – ultra Continental – with songs whose lyrics lend themselves to interpretations in various languages in addition to English. "Lili Marlene," "I Love You In Any Language," "September Song" are included.

Lili Marlene 
I Love You In Any Language 
Cheek To Cheek
Mademoiselle de Paree
"Tristesse, Toujours, Tristesse"
September Song
If I Knew You Were Coming (I'd've Baked A Cake)
The Trees Of Paris
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You)

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