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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Sinfonia - Johan Dalgas Frisch



Sinfonia das Aves Brasileiras
Gravada por Johan Dalgas Frisch
Arrangements by Maestro Moacyr Portes
Copacabana COE LP 40377

From the back cover: Symphony Of Brazilian Birds

Following the success of his earlier discs on which bird song is mixed with human music, South America's leading recordist of bird song now embarks on a full-length LP to illustrate more fully this interesting experiment in aesthetics.

The 1965, 7-inch diameter, 33 r.p.m. records were Sinfonia dos Canários, Sinfonia do Sertão and Sinfonia do Amanhecer; and a set enterprisingly published by Varig Airlines under the series title Symphony Of Brazilian Birds with Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian and Japanese versions.

Johan Dalgas Frisch is probably the most prolific natural sound disc-maker in the world. This new 12-inch diameter LP will be his sixth in five years. The earlier five were of course all of purely natural sound, as recorded in the towns and gardens, swamps and sierras and dense mountain forests of Brazil.

The combining of bird music and man-created music is a venturesome artistic idea. It is not surprising that Johan Dalgas Frisch is the man pioneering it. His energy is intense, his enterprise boundless, and his ideas highly original. What will he do next? – Jeffery Boswall, London, Great Britain - Compiler of A World Catalogue Of Gramophone Records of Bird Voices

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