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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Noro Morales At The Harvest Moon Ball


Mucho Dinero

Noro Morales and His Orchestra
At The Harvest Moon Ball
Cover Photo: Lester Krauss
Forum SF 9013

From the back cover: Very few Latin-American orchestras and personalities have been able to maintain the reputation and popularity that Noro Morales and his orchestra have over the past years. Whenever the names of great Latin-American music first became popular in America, it was Noro Morales who was among the first of the big orchestras to gain national following and prestige by playing this type of music. The Morales orchestra has played everywhere, in every well-known theater, dance ballroom and nightclub in America. There is, however, one annual event that the Noro Morales orchestra has been request to play for year in and year out of the past eleven years. This special event is the Harvest Moon Ball.

The Harvest Moon Ball which takes place each year in September in New York City has, over these many years, become one of the most anxiously awaited affairs to be held in any city in America. This celebrated occasion beckons countless avid amateur dance enthusiasts to step forward and exhibit, in highly competitive contests, their terpsichorean capabilities. For any dancer, the Harvest Moon award is a coveted honor which they all seek. Sponsored by the New York Daily News, for charity, it is truly a colorful and entertaining festival, and one of the most popular civic affairs in this great metropolis. 

It seems only natural that the music played at the harvest Moon Ball be etched between the covers of an album, and it is equally natural that this music by played by Noro Morales and his orchestra. The Morales orchestra; continued appearance at this dance festival has become as much a part of this institution as the dance contest itself. It just wouldn't be a Harvest Moon Ball without Nor Morales and the orchestra.

Shine On Harvest Moon
Mucho Dinero
Coffee Break
Come To The Mardi Gras
La Cumparista
Waltz Medley: Spring Beautiful / Villa / My Hero
No Agite
A Los Muchachos
Mr. Ghost (Goes To Town)
When Day Is Done

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