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Monday, October 9, 2023

The Return Of The Doodletown Fifers - Sauter-Finegan


Darn That Dream

The Return Of The Doodletown Fifers
Produced by Don Costa
Recorded at Webster Hall, New York
Recording Engineer: Ray Hall
Cover Photograph by Maurice Seymour
Ultra Audio WWS 8511

Edward Sauter & William Finegan - Leader
Harold Wee - Piano
Don Lamond - Drums
David Grupp - Tympani
Janet Putnam - Harp
Mundell Lowe - Guitar
George Duvivier - Bass
Harvey Phillips - Tuba
Albert Block, Al Klink, Ray Shiner, Walter Kane, Gene Allen - Sax
Joseph Ferrante, Nick Travis, Robert Nichols - Trumpet
Santo Russo, Thomas Mitchell, Urban Green - Trombone
Arhtur Marotti, Edwin Costa - Percussion
Morris Goldenberg - Tympani
Bernie Leighton - Piano
Joseph Soldo - Alto
Eddie Bert - Trombone
Bradley Spinney - Percussion
David Sayer - Cello
John Barrows - Horn
Florence F. Blumberg - Soprano

From the inside cover: Ed Sauter and Bill Finegan are men of great musical vision, men whose ideas, again musically speaking, were actually a decade ahead of most arrangers and conductors. It was in the early Fifties that these two great arrangers joined forces to start their own orchestra, and to express their ultra-modern, almost fantastic ideas of instrumentations and presentation. Critical controversy surrounded their early efforts, with great acclaim for their daring expressions coming from within the profession almost without exception. With the birth of the Sound Era in the Sixties, Sauter and Finegan found an entire musical world at last catching up with their early ideas. And, through Ultra Audio, they were able to bring their own blending of instrumental sounds, their own inventiveness to an entirely new, and greatly receptive audience. Thus, the Doodletown Fifers return, almost a full decade after their musical birth, in modern garb, with Ed Sauter and Bill Finegan marching proudly in the fore – their musical banners once more flying high in the magical world of recorded musical sound.

Doodletown Fifers
April In Paris
The Churchmouse
When Hearts Are Young
One Is A Lonely Number
Doodletown Races
Moonlight On The Ganges
A Foggy Day
Thursdays Child
Darn That Dream

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