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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Ballad Of Lucy Lum - Don Mitchell & Joe Wayman



The Ballad Of Lucy Lum
And Other Delights
Don Mitchell & Joe Wayman
Arranged by Carl Goodin
Recorded at KBK Earth City Sound Studio, Inc.
Recording and Mixdown Engineer: Jim Lake
Good Apple STEREO MK77-819

Keyboard - Tom Brooks, Russ Kirkland
Percussion - Rick Schupp
Guitar & Bass - Carl Goodin

Don't Burn Down The Birthday Cake
Captain Of My Bed
I Lost A Tooth Today
Belly Button Blues
The Ballad Of Lucy Lum
The Winter Of My Storm
God Don't Make No Junk
Nothing Is Something To Do
Chimney Bird
Boogie Down Breakfast
A Friend Is

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