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Saturday, March 18, 2023

The Hash Brown Sounds - Hash Brown (Harry Lookofsky)


Water Hole Holler

The Hash Brown Sounds
Hash Brown And His Ignunt Strings
Arrangements by Harry Lookofsky, Klaus Ogermann, Bobby Scott & Pat Williams
Philips Records PHM 200-018

From the back cover: Pop music fans know him as Hash Brown. Jazz buffs refer to him by his legal name, Harry Lookofsky. Both legions know him as a first-rate, uniquely creative musician. And were it not for a decision he made a few years ago, a third coterie – the classical music devotees – would be boosting his stock today, too. Born in Paducah, Kentucky, he soon was transplanted by his family to St. Louis, where he began violin studies. At the age of 12, he made an appearance on radio station KMOX in that city and then landed a spot in a local youth orchestra. In 1929, he joined Isham Jones' well known band and toured with it as violinist and a member of a vocal threesome. In 1934, he joined the band of Vincent Lopez, but soon decided to return to the classical domain. From 1934 to 1938, he was a stalwart in the string section of the St. Louis Symphony. Then, eager to move on to influential spheres, he headed east and joined the NBC Symphony Orchestra. For a dozen years – with three  years out for wartime Maritime Service duty – he was a member of that distinguished orchestra. After the war, he joined the staff orchestra at the American Broadcasting Company studio in New York. In recent years, his activities have been diversified, from delving into the use of strings in modern jazz (he's been among the most successful exponents of that technique), to creating delightful pop sounds, to occasional experimenting in the classical idiom. Most of his recording time has been spent in composing, arranging and leading his own group. Taking a tag he's had since childhood ("Hash has always been my nickname," he says), he formed Hash Brown and His Ignunt Strings and, on the urging of Philips Musical Director Quincy Jones, joined the roster of Philips artists.

Ain't She Sweet
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes from "Roberta"
Overseas Operator
Missouri Waltz
Water Hole Holler
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
It Ain't Necessarily So from "Porgy and Bess"
The Rumble

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