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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Out Of Love - Leroy Van Dyke


I'm A Fool To Care

Out Of Love
Leroy Van Dyke
Mercury Wing MGW 12302

From the back cover: Chances are you'll be in love with this magic weaver of country songs before your second spin of Out Of Love, Leroy Van Dyke is not only one of the most successful country artists in the world today, he is probably the greatest champion of country music, having been largely responsible for its current resurgence on the playlists of popular music radio stations throughout the nation.

A pop-charter himself, Leroy long ago proved the country song in the captivating Van Dyke style, and is a appearing in the big city as in the farm country he calls home.

In this package, he tugs gently at the heartstrings. There's no doubt about it, it takes a country-raised lad to sing about regret and rejection with all the emotion and sentiment of a country lover.

Happily married, Leroy Van Dyke has no love ghost of the past to rise and haunt him, but the talented singer doesn't have to a loner to know what tears are all about!

When Love Walks Away
Am I That Easy To Forget
When Two Worlds Collide
I'm A Fool To Care
Born To Lose
Don't Rob Another Man's Castle
I Love You So Much It Hurts
Just Out Of Reach
Oh, How I Miss You
I'll Walk Alone

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