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Saturday, January 21, 2023

American Waltzes - Fred Astaire Dance Studio Orchestra


Home On The Range

American Waltzes
Fred Astaire Dance Studio Orchestra
Produced by Lyle Kenyon Engel
RCA Camden CAS 557

From the back cover: The Fred Astaire Dance Studio

The only way to learn how to dance like Fred Astaire is to be lucky enough to have been born Fred Astaire. However, you can have the pleasure of following in his light-hearted footsteps by means of this RCA Camden recording. This music has been dance-tested and is used for teaching in several of Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Each selection was chosen and recorded under the supervision of the National Dance Director of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Mr. Frank Paige, assisted by Mr. John Monte, New York's regional dance director.

It is Fred Astaire's sincere hope that more and more people will enjoy the healthy fun of ballroom dancing. He therefore has arranged for a free dance session to every purchaser of this album. Visit the nearest Fred Astaire Dance Studio, show the receptionist the booklet included in this album, and a free dance Lesson is yours. You may learn the Waltz, or any dance of your choice.

Fred Astaire was tapped for the commercial task of teaching social dancing back in 1947, when the late Charles L. Casanave suggested the idea to him. Casanave, a motion picture executive who had long admired Astaire's work, convinced Fred that it would be something of a public service to make available methods of modern ballroom dancing that would employ the free and easy grace of Astaire's dancing. Astaire spent more than eight months training over 150 dancer directors to his method. The public response was overwhelming and there are now over a hundred and twenty-five Astaire studios throughout the United States. – Notes by Leonard Raphael

From Billboard - March 14, 1960: A light and frothy collection of waltzes, well arranged for listening or dancing. Carrying out the Fred Astaire theme, the album contains a "do-it-yourself" instruction book for the waltz. This is a successor to an earlier pair of albums, having to do with cha-chas and merengue and mambos. A well-conceived package idea, nicely carried out. Price is an appealing factor, too.

The Hawaiian Waltz
On Top Of Old Smoky
The Texas Waltz
Beautiful Dreamer
Medley: Sweet Genevieve, My Darling Clementine, Irene
Home On The Range
The Alaskan Waltz
And The Band Played On
The Man Of The Flying Trapeze 
Daisy Bell
Medley: After The Ball, The Sidewalks Of New York, In The Good Old Summertime
Sweet Rosie O'Grady

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