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Friday, October 14, 2022

The Spy With A Cold Nose - Riz Ortolani


The Dog Chase

Joseph E. Levine Presents
The Spy With The Cold Nose
Music by Riz Ortolani
The Original Sound Track Recording
CBS Records 62919

From the back cover: The thoroughly delightful score for The Spy With The Cold Nose is the work of Riz Ortolani, one of today's busiest and most gifted composers. He was a violin prodigy at the age of four in Pesaro, Italy, and later studied intensively at the famed Rossini Conservatory. In his twenties – at the same time he was starred on Radio Televisione Italiano conducting his own Jazz Symphony Orchestra – Ortolani began composing scores for motion pictures. Soon, his conspicuous talents were called upon for stage musicals, as well as for additional films and television assignments. Then, he extended his operations to Mexico, where for two-and-a-half years he composed original music for Stan Kenton and Les Baxter's orchestras.

It was Riz Ortolani's provocative score for "Mondo Cane," and the theme from that film, "More," that brought him international acclaim. Hollywood nominated the song for an Academy Award, and to date it holds the enviable reputation of having been recorded in 232 different versions. Since them, Ortolani has been in constant demand to write and conduct scores for some of the most popular film successes of recent years: "The Seventh Dawn," "Women Of The World,""The Easy Life," "The Glory Guys," "Maya" and "The Yellow Rolls-Royce," which contained another world-wide hit, "Forget Domani." The latter was accorded a Golden Globe award by the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association as 1965's "Best Original Song."

Ortolani approached his presence assignment for The Spy With A Cold Nose with a motion-picture composer's specialized philosophy: "Music for the screen must always stress the specific personality of the film it is intended to enhance. And the music should be modern in concept.

That Riz Ortolani speaks from a profound knowledge of the technical as well the aesthetic demands of the film-composing medium is immediately apparent in his jaunty, infectious score for The Spy With A Cold Nose.

The Spy With The Cold Nose
Dr. Francis' Theme
The Spy With The Cold Nose – Reprise
Royal Garden Music
Mr. Farquhar In The Car
Ceremony In London
Dr. Francis' Theme - Reprise
Russian Love Theme
Natasha's Dance
Dr. Francis Visits His Dogs
The Dog's Chase

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