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Monday, April 18, 2022

Moth In A Gray Flannel Suit - Bob Peck

Dog Song

Breakfast, My Dear

Moth In A Gray Flannel Suit
Weirds And Music, Piano, and Voice (?) of Bob Peck
Bass Player: Dan Rossman
Art Work by Dick Huebner
Photo Retouched by Victor and Milton Greene,
Garter by Christian Dior
Jubilee JLP 1035

Moth In A Gray Flannel Suit
Dog Song
Thank You, Mr. Bell
The Unsung Hero
Cigarette Girl
Playboy Undertaker
The Old Ball Game
Sweet Sixteen
Nam Daer Bregnig
T.V. Cowboy (Ballad Of Wyatt Urp)
Breakfast, My Dear
I Remember Mau Mau
The Bagdad Beguine (Illisa was Illicit)

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