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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

In A Jazz Orbit - Bill Holman


Far Down Below

In A Jazz Orbit
Bill Holman
Arranges and Conducts a Presentation of Big Band Jazz
Producer: Bill Holman
Cover Design: McElroy Agency
Art Direction: Norm Price, Elgin Davis Studio
Rex Productions, Inc. ANDEX S-3004 STEREO
V.S.O.P Replica Edition Phonorecords
1958 (1985 reissue)


Trumpets: Al Porcino, Ed Leddy, Jack Sheldon & Conte Candoli (replaced by Stu Williams on "You Go To My Heart, Goodbye & Aura)

Trombones: Frank Rosolino, Carl Fontana & Ray Sims

Saxes: Charlie Marlano, Herb Geller, Rickie Kennedy & Bill Hood

Piano: Vic Feldman

Bass: Buddy Clark

Drums: Mel Lewis

From the back cover: Bill was born in Oliver, California in 1927. He played clarinet and tenor before first attempting to write. He worked with Ike Carpenter, Charlie Barnet, Stan Kenton, Shelly Manne, the Lighthouse All-Stars and Shorty Rogers, and is currently the co-leader of a Quintet with Mel Lewis. Needless to say, he has written for all the above-mentioned as well as for countless other libraries. In this album, which is comprised of four originals and five standards, Bill has attempted to integrate the light rhythm section sound and time fell of a small group with the orchestral possibilities of a big band. The personnel of this recording band is remarkable, and the soloists (including Bill) contribute some wonderful moments. Special mention should be made of the rhythm section (Mel Lewis, Vic Feldman, Buddy Clark) for so brilliantly accomplishing what Bill set out to do. I think it best to forego descriptions of the individual tracks; however, one more facet of the writing should be mentioned. In the 5 standards, Bill has a knack of turning the tunes into completely personal compositions as soon as the theme has been stated. His counter-lines and extensions, both melodically and harmonically, are such that were he to leave out the first sixteen bars of the published melody, he could very easily pass each arrangement off as a highly respectable original. Bill Holman most assuredly is a first-rate saxophonist, but his true instrument is the orchestra, and he plays it with musicianship, honesty and brilliance. – Andre Previn - August 12, 1958

Kissin' Bug
Solos: Holman, Rosolino, Mariano
Composer: Billy Strayhorn, Rex Stewart, Joya Sherrill
Arranger: Bill Holman
Publisher: Tempo Music

The Man I Love
Solos: Holam, Sheldon, Kamuca, Feldman, Fontana
Composer: Geo., Ira Gershwin
Arranger: Bill Holman
Publisher: Harms, Inc.

Solos: Holman, Sims
Composer: Gordon Jenkins
Arranger: Bill Holman
Publisher: Remick Music

You Go To My Head
Solos: Mariano, Williamson, Holman
Composer: Jay Fred Coots, Haven Gillispie
Arranger: Bill Holman
Publisher: Remick Music

After You've Gone
Solos: Sheldon, Fontana, Kennedy
Composer: Henry Creamer, Turner Layton
Arranger: Bill Holman
Publisher: Leo Feist, Inc.

Far Down Below
Solos: Sheldon, Feldman, Holman
Composer: Bill Holman
Publisher: Jocelyn Music Co.

No Heat
Solos: Sheldon, Holman, Rosolino, Geller, Candoli
Composer: Bill Holman
Publisher: Jocelyn Music, Co.

Theme & Variations #3
No Solos
Composer: Bill Holman
Publisher: Jocelyn Music Co.

Solos: Geller, Sheldon, Kamuca, Holman
Composer: Bill Holman
Publisher: Jocelyn Music Co.

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