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Friday, February 4, 2022

Fever! - Doc Severinsen


Cleopatra's Asp

Doc Severinsen 
His Trumpet And Orchestra
Cover Photo & Design: George S. Whiteman
Command Quadraphonic CQD 40003
A Product of ABC Records, Inc.

From the inside cover: In this collection, Doc is heard in a fresh and unusually inviting setting. His band is a medium-sized group that is partly geared toward a throughly contemporary sound through the presence of three guitars (Tony Mottola, Al Casamenti and Bucky Pizzarelli) and a remarkably strong and versatile rhythm section (Dick Hyman playing piano and organ, Bob Haggart on bass, either Ed Shaughnessy, Osie Johnson or Bobby Rosengarden on drums and a percussion team that includes at various times Shaughnessy, Phil Krauss and Artie Marotti). But the group also includes a four-man trombone ensemble (Bob Alexander, Wayne Andre, Harry DiVito and Paul Faulise with Lou McGarity sitting in for Andre on three pieces) which provides a rich and sturdy offsetting cushion for the fire and brilliance of Doc Severinsen's trumpet.

With these combination of instruments, it is inevitable that the power and excitement of a big band performance frequently makes itself felt. Yet these are essentially loose, freewheeling small group arrangements in which Doc has the room to explore the color and flavor of a broad range of playing styles.

Dick Hyman's arrangements are chock full of delightful surprises – movements among tempos and keys, twists of phrase that are sometimes breathtaking in their beauty or suddenly and startlingly funny. The unusual sound of a Mediterranean drum, a deliberately mis-tuned guitar, chimes, a banjo, unique unison effects and even more unusual almost-unison effects add color and merriment as they bubble and flare around and through Doc Severinsen's remarkably imaginative trumpet work.

In A Little Spanish Town
On A Clear Day
Cotton Fields
Walk Right In
The Sidewinder
Raggedy Jim
The Lady In Red
Tennessee Waltz
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Cleopatra's Asp

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