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Monday, January 31, 2022

Love And Marriage - The Ray Charles Singers


Love Is Here To Stay

Love And Marriage
The Ray Charles Singers
Decca Records DL 8787

From the back cover: About The Ray Charles Singers

Ray Charles, a man of multiple talents, can conceivably be called a "Jack Of All Trades." However, we must amend the remainder of that well-worn expression and say "master of many." As a combination arranger, director, composer and vocalist, he does an admirable job of each. In this album he did, as always, all the arranging and directing, wrote the song To Have And To Hold, and is heard singing solo on Love Is The Sweetest Thing. With a devoted wife and three children cozily entrenched in Great Neck, Long Island, Mr. Charles is himself as good an advertisement for "Love And Marriage" as you'll ever come across.

The Ray Charles Singers have been heard over radio and television with Perry Como since 1947, and as "The Hit Paraders' since 1949. They have also served as supporting artists to most of the top singers in the country. In this album they are heard in three different combinations: a mixed group of twelve (four girls, eight men), a female group of ten, and a male group of nine.

The singers are, in vocal order: Lai Winter, Peggy Powers, Miriam Workman, Rose Marie Jun, Audrey Marsh, Elizabeth Rinker, Joyce DeYoung, Bettye Marshall, Francine Caroll, Lillian Clark, Barbara Nelson, Steve Steck, Jerry Duane, Jim Stover, Bob Sands, Larry Smith, Alan Sokoloff, Gene Steck, Artie Malvin, Art Lambert, Mike Stewart and Mrs. Charles' 'good right hand" Gene Lowell.

From Billboard - October 27, 1958: The Ray Charles chorus makes its bow on Decca and it's one to crow about. Arrangements have never been more interesting and the group does a fine job in making them come to life. Various complements are used – nine men, mixed chorus of four gals and eight men and 10 ladies by themselves, making for good pacing. Dick Hyman adds much to the session with his tasty piano and organ work. All the tunes deal with love and/or marriage. Salable and spinnable.

Love And Marriage
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
I Wanna Get Married
The Girl That I Marry
Love Is A Simple Thing
Let's Fall In Love
Waltz Down The Aisle
Love Is Here To Stay
I Married An Angel
To Have And To Hold

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