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Monday, September 20, 2021

Navy Blue - Diane Renay

Unbelievable Guy

Navy Blue
Diane Renay
Arranged and Conducted by "Calello"
*Arranged and Conducted by Sid Bass
A Bob Crewe Production
20th Century-Fox Records TFM 3133

From the back cover: When a talent like Diane Renay comes along with an unmistakable smash sound like "Navy Blue" it doesn't take long for the world to shout, "A star is born!" But we here at WORC feel (and correct us if we're wrong) that we were the first station to spot Navy Blue's potential. It not only became a champion WORC contest winner, but rapidly established itself as #1 in our area for many weeks, remaining near the top for a long time afterward. We're happy to have played a small part in Diane's record success – Dick Smith, Radio Station WORC, Worchester, Mass.

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Unbelievable Guy

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