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Friday, September 17, 2021

Hungarian Moods - Benedict Silberman


Side One

Hungarian Mood
Benedict Silberman's Chorus and Orchestra
Recorded in Europe
Capitol Records T10107

From Billboard - January 20, 1958: One of the label's "Capitol of the World" series, this is a fine package of Hungarian instrumental music. Benedict Silberman's 50-piece orchestra is lush with crying violins, throbbing cymbalons. Performances are full of gypsy fire, gaiety or sadness. Repertoire was recorded abroad, and most of it is Humgarian with brief excursions into related material.

I Love Budapest
Gypsy Violin Lament
Ritka Buza
Gypsy Song
Happy Hearts Medley
Czak Egy Kislany Cymbalon Solo
Minek A Szoke Ennekem
Te Adtad Nekem Az Elso
Ezert A Legenyert
Nem Adnek Egy Krajcart
Buda Czardas
Akacos Ut
Beloved Themes
The Black Canary Hora
Lavotta Serenade
Szep Asszonynak Kurizalni
Szeretnek Majus Ejszakajan
Szep A Rozsan
A Faluban Nincs Tobb Kislany
Repulj Fecskem
Cymbalon Solo
Hejre Kati
En Vagyok A Falu Rossza Egyedul
Voros Bort Ittam Az Este
The Devil's Czardas
Olyan Edes
Zoldablakos Kicsi Haz
So Little Time
Gypsy's Hora
I Love Budapest

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