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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Sweet And Lovely - Ralph Marterie


Anniversary Song

Sweet And Lovely
Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra
Mercury Records MG 20010

From the back cover: Ralph Marterie is truly the most talked about band leader in the business. In addition to being chosen as Downbeat's band of the year, the Marterie organization was also selected as the headline band attraction of the year by The Billboard, the national music trade paper. Prior to the actual winning of the above distinctions, the Marterie crew was named the most promising new group to hit the road by a poll of the nation's disk jockeys.

Ralph began his professional career at the age of 14. As a musician's son, he inherited a love for music and a fast working knowledge of his instrument. By the time he was 17, Ralph was playing network radio shows in Chicago, working for such greats as Paul Whiteman, Frank Black, John Scott Trotter, and many others.

Ralph's quick rise to fame is due basically to his stellar trumpet playing which is blended with a band that is styled strictly for dancing. Marterie has been tagged with one of the most appropriate titles in the business, and is called the "Man Born For The Horn." During the last World War, Marterie formed a band which later gained the distinction of "the best band in the navy". Upon his discharge Marterie was immediately re-signed  by the American Broadcasting Company and assigned duties as a band leader rather than a sideman. From here, Marterie went on to form his own band in 1951.

No sooner had the new Marterie orchestra gone on tour, and the results were apparent. Marterie, who had a contract with Mercury, was immediately called in and give a new long-term pact, and the wheels began turning for him to cut more records. The first to be released was "Crazy, Man, Crazy", which became a national hit, followed by "Caravan," "Warsaw Concerto," and "Pretend", all top sellers. He has continued to repeat his successes one after the other and the end is still not in sight, for with each new release it seems that Ralph is playing even greater trumpet than before, and in almost every instance, the arrangements are scoring extra well with the public.

Sweet And Lovely
Danse Arabe
It Ain't Necessarily So – Summer Time
Anniversary Song
Green Dolphin Street
For You

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