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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Johnny Nash


That's All

Johnny Nash
Orchestra Directed by Don Costa
Produced by Don Costa
Cover Design by Bob Crozier
Cover Photography by Alan Fontaine
ABC Paramount ABC 244
A Product of Am-Par Record Corp.

From the back cover: In the current era of musical fads, there are few ballad singers who find themselves in the spotlight of popularity. Johnny Nash, the handsome young man who exceptional talent is showcased in his first album, has found the spotlight, and it has seen his outstanding ability blossom into full-fledged stardom.

When Johnny won the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show in the spring of 1957, he also won a place in the hearts of all who saw his performance. Thrilled by Johnny's voice, and recognizing the young singer's potential stardom, Arthur Godfrey took a personal interest in Johnny's career. Since that time, Johnny has appeared as a regular performer on the Godfrey morning show on the CBS network, where he has gained millions of fans.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Johnny Nash recalls the time when he caddied at a local golf course. A naturally happy boy, literally bursting with song, the young caddy gave vent to his voice at every opportunity. Eventually, he was called to the attention of the ABC Paramount executive, who immediately made arrangements for Johnny to record a demonstration tape. He was signed to the label, and has had several hit recordings as a result. His most outstanding record was "A Very Special Love." Others include "I'll Walk Alone," and "I Lost My Love Last Night."

Wherever he has appeared – the Godfrey show, the Dick Clark network shows in Philadelphia and New York, various other TV shows, numbers record hops and benefit performances – Johnny Nash's effect on his audience is always the same. Possibly unaware of his superb talent when he steps onto the stage, audiences immediately die undivided attention as they hear the lyrics of a beautiful ballad given an unsurpassed interpretation from the heart and throat of the young man standing before them. Johnny himself is modest about his voice. Critics agree, however, that the young singer has not only a good voice, but one of the outstanding voices of our time.

Johnny remembers the first time he ever performed in public was in a kindergarten Christmas program, when he won a coloring book for his performance of "Away In A Manger," Since then, Johnny's life has centered around singing. When asked why he enjoys singing, Johnny explains, "because only singing could give me such a wonderful feeling." – a most satisfactory reason for singing indeed! Johnny' songs radiate the emotion he feels when he sings. He stresses the lyrical content of the music he performs, and places great importance upon the message contained therein.

Recently selected for the starring role in the Hecht-Hill-Lancaster movie, "Take A Giant step," Johnny eagerly anticipates his Hollywood career. He is not, however, dazzled by the prospects of becoming a "movie star," Keeping a level head, he says, "I don't want to live a fancy life. I like to live simply and have a lot of fun." – Rick Ward

Like Someone In Love
I Had The Craziest Dream
It's Always You
Midnight Moonlight
Broken Hearted
My Foolish Heart
Darn That Dream
I Wish I Knew
For All We Know
I Dream Of  You
That's All

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