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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Gone For The Day - June Christy

Gone For The Day
June Christy
Capitol Records T902

From Billboard - November 11, 1957: This could be the third best seller in a row for the swingin' thrush. Her latest effort, "Fair and Warmer," was a big one and this package of themes built around "a lazy day in the country" can go just as well. Excellent backing by Pete Rugolo. Choice items include "Lazy Afternoon," "Give Me The Simple Life" and "It's A Most Unusual Day." Attractive cover.

It's So Peaceful In The Country
When The Sun Comes Out
It's A Most Unusual Day
Love Turns Winter To Spring
When You Awake
Lazy Afternoon
When The World Was Young
Gone For The Day
Lost In A Summer Night
Give Me The Simple Life
Lazy Mood

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