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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Here Come The Stanley Steamer Mighty Dixieland Jazz Band

Downtown Strutter's Ball
Here Comes The Stanley Steamer
Mighty Dixieland Jazz Band
Produced by Ken Squier
Directed by "T-Bone" Curley
Cover: Dale Anderson
Engineer: Bill Ferruzzi
Recorded at Ace Studios - Boston, Massachusetts on May 17, 1968


Dick Baars - Cornet
Charles W. Cameron - Drums
J. Don Jones - Trombone and Banjo
Joe Lynch - Clarinet
Norm Hoad - Tuba and String Bass
Morton "Smokey" Carey - Banjo and Guitar
Stu Lanning - Piano

From the back cover: Down on the World's Most Famous Beach, a sound was born in a place called "T-Bone's"... and they called it Stanley Steamer. The main purpose was to create some music that would make the good times roll; that would stand up and say Life Is Good! – a difficult statement to make these days, but one that needs saying. So, down in Daytona, right on the same beach where, in 1906, the original Stanley Steamer amazed the world, whistling along about about 130 mph, this new Steamer took off with all the enthusiasm of its predecessor (and hopefully won't bust its boiler as befell that illustrious forerunner). – Ken Squier - WDEV

Sittin' Here Lovin' You
Golden Slippers
Step To The Rear
Downtown Strutter's Ball
Theme - Didn't He Ramble
South Rampart Street Parade
Down Home Rag
Stephan Foster Medley
Panama Rag

Didn't He Ramble


  1. So happy I found this. My mom’s favorite and came across it as I hunted for music for her funeral. Remember Dick Baars and the guys at Malletts Bay T-Bones!

  2. I remember this band from T Bones Restaurant in Mallets Bay Vermont back in the 60s. Would love to get a copy, orCD of this. Wonderful times

    1. You can get a copy of the album at WDV in Waterbury Vermont


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