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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Guitar a la Carte - Ladi Geisler

Guitar a la Carte
Lady Geisler
Polydor 249 202

Excerpt from Geisler's Wiki page: As a child, Geisler received violin lessons and soon learned the trumpet, he first worked as an engineer in the electric company where his father was as a director. In the last phase of World War II, Geisler was drafted into the German Air Force, where he worked on the combat aircraft Heinkel He 162. While on a mission, he was captured by the British and was interned in a Danish POW camp, with the help of a fellow prisoner, Geisler built an electric guitar and learned as a self-taught player. His role model was Oscar Moore, guitarist of singer Nat King Cole; in the camp he also made the acquaintance of the German musician Horst Wende, who brought him after discharge to Germany and made him a guitarist of his "Horst Wende Trio.

Ve Se Gostas
Spanish Flea
Latin Lady
Maria Elena
Baiao Cacula

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