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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Goldtones - Live At The Teenbeat Club In Las Vegas

I'll Love Her
The Goldtones
Featuring Randy Seol
Live! At The Teenbeat Club In Las Vegas!
La Brea L8011

From the back cover: The group consists of Wayne Purvis on piano, Ken Naylor on bass, Al Doss trumpet, Mike Peters and Steve Green on guitar, Cindy Mac vocalist and features Randy Sell on drums.

They formed their group in 1961 at which time they won their first award; first place in one of California's most important musical festivals, The Starcapades. They have been in constant demand since.

They all attended Ramona High School in Riverside, California, and needless to say the entire school body is solid behind them. Only recently a fan club was formed with Irena Levy as president.

Wolly Bolly
Koko Joe
High Heel Sneakers
Go Now
Walkin' The Dog
The Clap Song
Midnight In Vegas
I Want To Make Love To You
I Love Her
My Girl Sloppy


  1. Thanks for posting. I'm Mike Peters brother, and it was always fun to watch this band when I was a kid. Randy Seal was just awesome...

  2. I hired them to play a dance for us at Moreno Valley High School in 1965 or -66. We found their business card on the bulletin board at the House of Note, the local Riverside guitar store. My memory is that Randy played two bass drums ala Louie Bellson, which seemed very...professional? avante? talented? unique? They were a big hit, just great.


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