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Saturday, July 1, 2017

In Love Again! - Henri Rene

Street Of Shadows (saxophone solo: Alvy West)
In Love Again!
Henri Rene And His Orchestra
Mood Music / One Of A Series
RCA Camben CAL-312

From Billboard - September 29, 1956: Rene features a reissue selection of lush orkings which make happy accompaniment for romantic jockey sets, a candlelit meal or simply for hand holding. The spotlight's on love and the work weaves the proper spell with such offerings as "You Are The One," "Wunderbar," "Intermezzo," "Song From Moulin Rouge" and "Moonlight Sonata." As attractive entry in the label's "Mood Music" series, especially at $1.98.

You Are The One
Were Thin That Special Face
Destiny Waltz
The Song From Moulin Rouge
Valse Viennoise
Street Of Shadows
Moonlight Sonata
Valse Vanite

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