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Monday, June 26, 2017

East Of India - Werner Muller

Lotus And Chrysanthemum
East Of India
Werner Muller And His Orchestra
Recored by Deutsche Grammophon Polydor Series
Decca Records DL 8880

The covers suggests that this album may feature a good amount of exotic instrumentation. The set, however, is more of a Les Baxter-styled "exotica" interpretation which is to say, that once you allow for the more straight forward orchestrated approach, I think that you will find the disc enjoyable all the way through. Excellent late 50s product when compared to similar offerings from the period.

From Billboard - May 18, 1959: The German orkster serves up an exotic set of lushly arranged tunes all of which have titles dealing with Eastern places of themes. It's an interesting and listenable item that provides a good programming set. The arrangements are colorful and tasteful. Cover will help attract sales.

The Banquet
The Raftsman's Ballad
Bazaar Melody
Ferry Boat Serenade
Lotus And Chrysanthemum
Ritual Dance
On The Kyushu Island
Merry Geishas
Chinese Tittle-Tattle
Moon Over The Pagoda
Sampans On The River

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