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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Primitive And The Passionate - Les Baxter

The Primitive And The Passionate
Les Baxter And His Orchestra
Produced by Chuck Eagle
Cover: George Jerman
Art Direction: Merle Shore
Reprise Records R-6048

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

Posted here to share the minty cover and original sleeve that came with the copy I found.

Excellent Baxter set that plays through as fresh sounding to day as it must have sounded to vinyl buyers in 1961

From Billboard - September 1, 1962: Exotic arrangements of a group of sophisticated tunes composed by Les Baxter make this album of more than usual interest. The Baxter ork performs the tunes with care, sparked by the stylish use of instruments and unusual and ear-catching sounds. Of the eight songs in the set by Baxter, "Bird Of Paradise," "Fiesta Brava" and "Manchurian Melody" gran a lot of air exposure. One of the four new Reprise "sound special" albums.

Fiesta Brava
Peking Tiger
A Night With Cleopatra
Via Veneto
Bird Of Paradise
Slave Ship
Manchurian Melody
A Taste Of Honey
Little Girl Blue

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