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Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Frank Moore Four

Night Train
The Frank Moore Four
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh
Capitol Records T1127

From the back cover: The Frank Moore Four has been riding high since 1951, the year of the group's birth in Philadelphia. All its members are in their cage twenties, and display an extraordinary amount of musicianship for their years. The quartet can fairly claim the ability to sound like any big band or combo ever heard... or else go down laughing in the attempt. One of their favorite tricks, while playing a recent forty-week engagement for Jack Entratter at Las Vegas' Sands Hotel, was to spot a musical entering the lounge and switch their tune into his style of singing or playing. Thus many top names in the music industry became enthusiastic promoters of the four, and the public at large quickly joined in the applause.

Originally the group consisted of Frank, who plays bass, Dale on reeds, and Scotty on drums. They needed a fourth, and tried out over thirty accordionists before settling on Richie.

From Billboard - February 16, 1959: The group scores well with their first album effort on a lightly swinging series of tunes. Selections are nicely varied and the crew has an original, fresh sound. The LP can move in both pop and jazz marts if exposed. Fine, new talented group.

They Can't Take That Away From Me
How About You?
Don'cha Go 'Way Mad
Take The "A" Train
Night Train
I'm Beginning To See The Light
I'll Never Smile Again
Things Ain't What They Used To Be
There Will Never Be Another You

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