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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Moody With Strings - James Moody

Dorian Mood (Torrie Zito)
Moody With Strings
James Moody With Strings
Conducted and Arranged by Torrie Zico
Engineer: Bob Simpson
Cover: Chuck Stewart
Superision: Jack Tracy
Argo LP 679

Recorded July 5 and 6, 1960, and Feb. 16, 1961, at RCA Victor studios in New York. Three different orchestras were used – a large string orchestra, a woodwinds and horns group, and a brass ensemble. Their personnels are as follows:

Large orchestra: Gene Orloff, Arnold Eides, Emanuel Green, Alvin Rudnitsky, Max Can, Anthony Zungolo, Norman Carr, Burt Fisch, Walter Trampler, and Seymour Barab, strings; Elaine Vito, harp; Leon Cohen, woodwinds; Ray Along, French horn; Hank Jones, piano; John Beal, bass; Osie Johnson, drums.

Woodwinds and horns: Joesph Soldo, Leon Cohen, and Philip Bodner, woodwinds; Ray Alonge, John Barrows, and Jim Buffington, French horns; Tommy Flanagan, piano; George Duvivier, bass; Charlie Persip, drums.

Brass ensemble:Burt Collins, Irv Markowitz, and Don Stratton, trumpets; Tom McIntosh and Freddie Zico, trombones; Ray Alonge and and Richard Berg, French horns; Don Butterfield, tuba; Torrie Zico, piano; George Duvivier, bass; Time Gillen, drums.

From Billboard - April 10, 1961: Reed man James Moody shows himself in a variety of moods and emotions here as he performs on tenor, alto and flute, from track to track, written by Torrie Zico in a manner which effectively showcases both Moody's lyrical and his swinging side. A listenable product, with backing ranging from lush strings to woodwinds and horns to a brass complement.

Love For Sale
Another Day
All My Life
I'm Old Fashioned
Fools Rush In
I Remember Clifford
Love Walked In
A Song Of Love
Dorian Mood

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