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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Any Time... Any Groove! - The Don Scaletta Trio

A Taste Of Honey
Any Time... Any Groove
The Don Scaletta Trio
Produced by Lee Gillette
Capitol Records ST 2204

Don Scaletta: Piano
Ted Blondell: Bass
Nikki Lamkin: Drums

From the back cover: "Because we have to fight poor acoustics and clinking glasses on many of our dates," say Don, "we're constantly striving for a full sound. We've written and rewritten our arrangements so that the piano, bass and drums can work independently of each other, or as a solo unit, much on the same order as a big band. This technique allows us a wide range of creative freedom and helps assure that every arrangement doesn't sound the same."

Yankee Doodle Boy
Hello, Dolly!
Tomorrow Never Comes
Old Folks
Jani's Tune
York's Sauna
Over There
With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
A Taste Of Honey

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