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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Emery And His Violin Of Love

Emery And His Violin Of Love
With Orchestra And Chorus
Produced by Arnold R. Deutsch
Notes by Natt Hale
ABC-Paramont ABC-281

From Billboard - February 8, 1960: The erstwhile Park Avenue Gypsy is quite effective on his latest offering. Here he is backed by a chorus which is heard from time to time in the background with key phrases of the lyrics. But Deutsche's lyrical fiddle is the feature and he uses it effectively in his style of mimicking the sound of the words. Heavy emphasis on pop numbers.

From the back cover: Born in Hungary, Emery was early attracted to the romantic music that has become his (Emery Deutsch) trademark. In his late teens he became a musical director of Columbia Broadcasting System and starred, with his violin, on scores of coast-to-coast programs. Since then Emery has brought his music and romance to such places as the Rockefeller Center Rainbow Room, New York's Music Hall and Paramount Theater, and intimate night spots throughout the country.

Be My Love
A Very Precious Love
I Heard A Song
An Affair To Remember
If You Love Me
Stella By Starlight
I Love You Much Too Much
Where Is Your Heart
My Lost Love
Summertime In Venice

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